Flora and Fauna

Here at Kenneggy Cove we are blessed with an abundance of animals, birds and a wide variety of flowering plants. Some are unique to Cornwall but all are easily seen on or near our site.


Kenneggy is home to a huge variety of birds. Seen regularly as visitors, or resident for all or part of the year are tawny owls (shown in the image to the right), sparrows, robins, common woodpeckers, redstarts, house martins, sparrowhawks, bullfinches, chaffinches, greenfinches, goldfinches, long tailed tits, bluetits, jays, starlings, blackbirds, wagtails and of course the ubiquitous seagulls. The stars of the show are our resident pair of buzzards.


For at least the last 6 years our buzzards have occupied their large twiggy nest in one of the trees at the approach to our shower block. During April each year they renovate their abode and lay their eggs. Normally two chicks hatch after a month of incubation. The chicks are fed and nurtured by the parents for about 6 weeks. They then fly the nest at the beginning of July.

Our campers delight in the spectacular arrival of the parents with their one metre plus wingspan, as they glide onto the nest to feed the young. The chicks, once fledged, are encouraged into the valley near the site, to learn how to hunt and fend for themselves. The group frequently come back to the site during this time. The chicks normally leave the area to seek their independence during the late summer

These graceful raptors provide incredible displays of gliding and soaring using thermals rising from the land around the site. Occasionally they can be seen performing an airborne dance with two or three birds swooping around the sky. If you are really lucky it is possible to witness the moment the chicks take to the air for their first flight.

mammals and insects 

Around the locality you may see deer, badgers, foxes, rabbits, stoats and a host of butterflies. 



These large spherical blooms appear all around the Duchy. The mixture of soil PH means that you can see them in a full range of colours from pinks to blues


Towering up to 5 metres in height these plants flower every other year by self seeding. Just the flowers can reach well over a metre in height. We have a healthy population around the site.

Everything Else

Buddlia, Canarian palms and cypress trees adorn the campsite along with a host of other plants too numerous to list.